Weekend Pilates workout, why?

Cynthia Young

Most of my clients of the studio tell me they try and do some sort of practice at home, but find it difficult to know what to actually do once they get their mats out.  So, these short workouts and this website are for you and anyone looking to practice and keep moving.

Anula Maiberg visited the studio this week and offered clients of my studio a class.  It was great for me to be reminded again, and for my clients to hear from someone else, you need to practise, you need to keep trying to improve your movement.  Why?  For you!

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What are you afraid of? #tbt to spending Tuesday with @anulamaiberg and @jessthebirdpilates #pilates #whatareyouafraidof #move #Repost @jessthebirdpilates with @get_repost ・・・ Learning to pivot is awesome. I enjoy this #legcircles @anulamaiberg @sharepilates

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There are so many more clips from the day that once I have had a chance to edit I will be sharing on social media.

But the takeaway and reminder was that Pilates is a discipline.  So, you can't pick and choose which exercises you do, do them all to the best of your ability, practise, test your limits and Pilates will improve how you move and how you age!  Not a bad lesson for life!


So, this weeks workout is not ideal for pregnant ladies, sorry, next time!

Depending on where you are postnatally you may want to leave out the curl ups and the roll overs (definitely leave them out if you've had a C-section less than 6 months ago, have any pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues) but the rest will be great for you!  In particular postnatally I love the modified leg circles (leg up to the ceiling going side to side) and the mini side planks.  Obliques take a big hit in pregnancy and I love the modified leg circles for getting postnatal ladies hips and pelvises moving again.  More on this will be coming up on the blog soon!

For everyone else, have a go and keep practising!  As ever, if you feel any pain or discomfort stop or reduce the range of movement to within a pain free zone.    Let me know what you think and if there is anything you would like to see.



Enjoy the weekend!