Restore the foundations of your health!

Cynthia Young

This August join me in restoring the foundations of your health. 

Joseph Pilates told us many times in his books that true health could only be obtained through complete balance of your body and mind.  Contrology, as Joseph Pilates called his method, was not solely about the exercises.

What are the foundations of health?






We all know most of this, but life gets busy, hectic, stressful and we reach or fall into the something we can find immediate comfort in easily.

So this challenge, we are going to challenge not just out bodies but our minds also!

As well as challenging you to commit to a Pilates practice for three weeks we are going to go further.  We are also going to work on committing to a healthier lifestyle habit for the 21 days.

Now don't worry!  All I am asking is that we add or try at least one new thing in this round of the challenge.

You might decide on live class days you will eat a plant based diet, drink more water, get 8 hours sleep, not eat sugar, drink no alcohol, smoke less, walk more, go for a run, read a book, write, eat more fruit and vegetables, breathe, mediate, anything I may not have thought of.  You might do this on certain days or you might aim to do this for the full 21 days.  

It's up to you! No pressure.

I want you to feel the benefit of a Pilates practice and a small lifestyle change.  Next round, you can add something else.  "Rome wasn't built in a day."

In the private Facebook group (only available to members of ) we can support  each other and offer ideas.

I am interested in meditating but have no idea where to start if any of you have suggestions.

How does it work?

Live classes will work on the foundations of our movement and Pilates practice.  Focusing on breath, building us from the ground up and connecting us to our powerhouses.

All classes will be on the Mat/towel/carpet, sometimes using a wall and some small props that you will have at home.   Classes will be suitable for all levels or Pilates practitioner and modifications will be given where appropriate.

Classes will be live on Zoom:

9/8, 11/8 & 13/8 at 8am (BST) around 30 mins

16/8, 18/8, 20/8 at 8am (BST)

23/8, 25/8, 27/8 8am (BST)

31/8 8am (BST)

A recording will be added to the private Facebook group and to the website for you to do later if you couldn't make class, or again if you want to.

How do I sign up?

You just need to be a member of or have become a member of by 10am Sunday 8 August.  Zoom links will be emailed out and shared to the Facebook group Sunday afternoon.

I hope you will join me this August in restoring the foundations of your health ready to step into September stronger, more flexible, relaxed and healthier!

Any questions just let me know!