Restore, Rebalance, Rebuild

Cynthia Young

I challenge you to look after yourself this December!

It's hard to believe we are at the end of 2023!

This time of year we spend more time than ever thinking and worrying about others.

The days are shorter, it's cold, dark, there are more bugs going around and many of us are tired.  Just as life gets busier with time pressures and deadlines everywhere.  We try to please even more people than usual and have more social engagements where we may not eat or drink our best.

So I want to give you the gift of time for you this December.  Some moments where we can breathe, reflect, move and realign mentally & physically.  Closing the year with some healthy habits and a renewed energy to look after ourselves.

I am not trying to give you something else to think or feel bad about if you aren't able to practise any classes.  As well as recorded and live classes I will be offering ideas and suggestions of things you may want to try to help you relax, be present and reconnect.  You can pick up what you want or interests you and leave what you don't want or like.

Not everything will be for you and that's fine.  My hope is that at least one of the classes or ideas helps you to find some time and becomes a healthy habit you keep.



This isn't about New Year Resolutions.  This is about closing the year in a different rhythm.  Stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.  With an improved awareness of just how all of our body is connected, our ability to influence to it and an appreciation of what your body is capable of.

Yep, Pilates can do all that, along with a few other hints and tips I have to offer and challenge you to try.

What does the challenge involve?

We start Monday 4 December!

30 min Live Class Schedule - Zoom link will be provided by email and shared on our Facebook group

Monday 4 December 7pm

Sunday 10 December 8.30am

Monday 11 December 7pm

Sunday 17 December 8.30am

Monday 18 December 7pm

Sunday 24 December 8.30am

Tuesday 26 December 9am

Sunday 31 December 8.30am

In addition to the live classes there will be pre-recorded videos, ideas and suggestions of things you may want to try.

Week 1 - Release & Breathe

Helping us see and feel just how connected our entire body is we will work on releasing tension in the body.  Relaxing body and mind and giving you tools you can take away and use whenever you like.  We will be using the foam roller, tennis balls or massage balls this week.

Week 2 - Realign and Reconnect

Once we have released tension in our body and mind we will naturally fall into a better alignment.  From this base we can start strengthening the whole body.  This week we will be using the spine corrector or small ball/cushions,  These will give us more feedback to work on our alignment in movement and help us connect to our powerhouses.

Week 3 - Strength & Flexibility

From the age of 30 we are losing muscle mass and for women this declines even further as we head into the perimenopause.  It is vital for men and women that we continually work on improving our strength & flexibility as we age to remain independent.  This week we will be using our own body weight to work on strengthening and using a stretch band/scarf/towel to help with flexibility.  You will also need something like a rolling pin, a pole, broom handle (more on this coming soon).

Week 4 - Let's Move

It's time to appreciate and enjoy what your body is capable of.  No props this week.  Just you and your body is enough.

Who is this challenge for?

Anyone..anyone who wants to build strength and stamina physically and mentally.  To create healthy habits that will leave you feeling re-energised and revitalised.

How can I join in?

Members of Share Pilates will be sent Zoom links for the live classes and will have access to the private Facebook group and emails with additional pre-recorded classes, hints, tips and suggestions.

If you're not a member already you can sign up for 14 days FREE get access to the challenge and try out all the on demand classes in the library.  If you don't enjoy or make use of what you see.  Cancel your membership before the end of the 14 day FREE trial and you will pay nothing but will still have hopefully moved a little.

There's nothing to lose and lots to gain.

If you have any questions about whether this challenge or the website is suitable for you please get in contact.

I hope you will join me.