Pilates Retreat at Lucknam Park Hotel

Cynthia Young

I hosted my first Pilates retreat this weekend at the truly gorgeous Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa in Chippenham. 

I knew it would be great to teach a small group of eager Pilates students for a weekend in beautiful surroundings.  I wouldn’t need to squeeze everything I wanted to get across for each of their bodies into an hour, knowing I had a lot of time with these ladies was, liberating.  I knew the hotel was beautiful and the staff were amazing so there was no doubt the retreat would work…

What I hadn’t thought about was what I might learn.

I discovered that spending time with and getting to know a group of likeminded women (we all love Pilates,) from various backgrounds is interesting, inspiring, funny and thought provoking.   

I also discovered how important it is but just how difficult it can be to truly relax.  Our lives are so busy, crammed with responsibilities and schedules that opportunities to switch off are rare.  Then when an opportunity does come up it can be hard to switch our minds and bodies off.   Some of us actually need to practice doing nothing, being quiet, still and focusing on the present.  It turns out I am not one of these people, and found it perhaps a little too easy to settle into a life of luxury and not worry about my kids or husband!   It was so great to get back to them though rested, rejuvenated, inspired and having missed them.   It is important for us and our families that we make time to nourish ourselves.

So, I will be offering another chance to “practice” relaxing on Pilates retreat next year at the Lucknam Park Hotel.  Further details will be available soon.