Move With Me – Spring Self Mastery, The Beginner Series, The Advanced Series & Autumn Audit

Cynthia Young

I want to support you in your Pilates practice and health goals.   We do not operate in isolation.  Pilates teaches us how our mind and body are connected but more and more we are hearing; how we move our bodies, fuel our bodies, fuel our minds and how we engage with the outside world affects our system as a whole.

Over half of UK women are not happy with their level of exercise, with 80% of women finding time the man barrier followed by cost (65%) and lack of motivation. The benefits of immeasurable for our physical and mental health.  I too have weeks where if I fall out of routine I can find it difficult to get back on track.  But exercise really does not have to be hard work.

So to try and show you how easy it can be to add more movement into your routine I have come up with the following which I hope will help to motivate you and anyone you think may be interested.



Spring Self Mastery

Join me this Spring equinox, 20 March, for 3 weeks focusing on how we take care of ourselves.

It's natural to feel more lethargic during the Winter.  It's no coincidence that many of us feel less motivated to move, tired and get ill more often in the Winter.  When as the days get shorter, colder, wetter we change our diets dramatically (especially around Christmas) and socialise more where food and drink are a major part of the event.  Many of us find we eat and drink much more sugar especially if we find we have increased our carb intake, alcohol and sweat treats.  While at the same time getting less daylight, getting outside less and moving less.  It's clearly not the best recipe for wellness.

But in this downtime I bet many of you will have made lifestyle changes/plans and organised things for the year ahead.  It's part of the annual rhythm of our lives and there is another season on its way.

Spring.  A time of renewal and rebirth in the natural world after being dormant over the Winter months.   Perhaps not so much unlike ourselves.

So this Spring we will work on reviewing how we take care of ourselves so we can feel re-energised and ready to take full advantage of the longer, warmer days ahead.

You will have heard the phrase...

Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Well I am here to give you your oxygen mask.

Here is the schedule.  The dates are just the release dates of classes.  You can practise on whatever days or times work for you, exchange a class for an activity you do elsewhere, or do the class additionally to ramp up your movement achievements for the week.   A recording will be made available of the live classes.

Wednesday 20 March 7.30pm - Spring Self Mastery Check In & Live Class - 30 mins

Friday 22 March - On Demand Class Recommendation

Sunday 24 March - On Demand Class Recommendation

Monday 25 March - Live Class 7.00pm & Prompts For The Week

Wednesday - 27 March On Demand Class Recommendation

Friday 29 March - On Demand Class Recommendation

Sunday 31 March - On Demand Class Recommendation

Monday 1 April - Prompts for the Week

Wednesday 3 April - Live Class 7.30pm

Friday 5 April - On Demand Class Recommendation

Sunday 7 April - On Demand Class Recommendation

Monday 8 April - Prompts for the Week

Wednesday 10 April - Live Class and Spring Self Mastery Check Out

To join you simply need to be a member of before Tuesday 19 March when the Zoom links will be sent out to all members.

On demand class recommendations will be a combination of  Pilates, cardio, stretch & mobility.

Prompts will include short exercises to try over the week, intentions to consider for now or in the future and thoughts about fuelling your body, mind and soul.

Any questions let me know.  I hope you will join me.


The Beginner Series

An online 4 week beginner course.  Start or get back into Mat Pilates with this live online beginner course.  Or you could use the series to review the foundations of your practice which is never a bad thing.  We will connect with our powerhouse, shoulder girdle, find our midline and understand how our limbs are rooted in our powerhouse.  Each class is 40 mins with the recording available for the week for you to practise again or review.

To join you simply need to be a member of before the 4 May to receive the Zoom link for classes.



The Advanced Series

We will work on advancing our Pilates practice by exploring choreography, stamina, control, stability, flexibility and strength.  A 4 week series of classes aimed at those injury free strong intermediate contrologists.

To join you simply need to be a member of before the 2 September to receive the Zoom link for classes.




Autumn Audit

More details will be made available soon..........