January 2021 Pilates Challenges

Cynthia Young


Let's keep moving into 2021!

Pilates for Beginners and Pilates for the Seasoned Pros!



2020 has been an incredible year of the most extraordinary highs and lows.

So much is beyond our control and we are having to learn to sit tight and go with the flow.  Whaaat??  For me, this is a struggle and this year has been a steep learning curve about myself.

So to help you and me settle into 2021 with one thing planned to help keep us motivated fitness wise I have not one, but two, challenges/offers for you, in addition to the extensive library of online classes for beginners to advanced, pregnant and postnatal.

For beginners.  Those new to Pilates, haven't practiced for a while or just want to review the basics, which truly are fundamental.   Classes will be Monday 6.30pm, for four weeks starting the 4 Jan, and you will receive the recording to review/practice until the next class.

For the seasoned practitioners there is Return to Your Body. Starting Monday 4 Jan to Wednesday 27 January, live classes are 7am (GMT) Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  A recording is then sent to the private Share Pilates Facebook group for anyone who needs to catch up later.  Using the on demand library or your own initiative, practice 20 sessions in the 24 days and you can claim a half price private on Zoom or in the Twickenham studio.

Links and registration forms will be sent out on Saturday 2 January 2021.  So if you haven't signed up by then be sure to do so!  But you are welcome to join us anytime, so if you want to join us after we have started sign up, and send me an email, info@sharepilates.com, so I can forward to you the relevant details.


Cynthia x