Find Your Powerhouse

Cynthia Young

Starting Monday 3 April our 14 day "Find Your Powerhouse" practice begins!

It was clear from feedback after the "21 Days of Pilates"  that a combination of live and on demand classes worked best for people.

Many of you built a really solid practice during the 21 days of Pilates.  During the months of January and February you practised more classes everyday than you have before.  But we know building a habit is only the start.  Life, injuries, sickness, work can make it difficult to maintain a routine, even one we know makes us feel good.  So my hope for the "Find Your Powerhouse" practise is that if you practise one more class than you usually would that is amazing and if you are able to practise all of the classes you will find your powerhouse, of which there are actually two.

Our primary powerhouse is our centre; abs, glutes, inner thighs and back.  Our secondary powerhouse is our shoulder girdle; arms, shoulder blades and ribcage.  When we can find these connections we can find the opposition in the exercises, the two way stretch.  It is this that helps make the exercises look effortless, but we know when we see this, that actually they are working like crazy and feeling all the feels.

Here's the schedule!

All classes are 30 mins

Monday 3 April 7pm - We will practise a class with no props

Wednesday 5 April 7am - We will use the Magic Circle to work on finding our powerhouse.

Friday 7 April - I will suggest a class from the on demand library I think will help.

Saturday 8 April 8am - Bring you barrel, small ball, foam roller, bolster or pillows and we will use them to discover how our legs and arms are connected to our powerhouses.

Tuesday 11 April 7pm - We will use the stretch band to help us move from our centre and shoulder girdle.

Wednesday 12 April 7am - We'll use the hand weights to challenge our powerhouse.

Friday 14 April - I will suggest an on demand class for you to try.

Saturday 15 April 8am - We will practise the class we did on the 3 April and hopefully will find the movement easier in our bodies.  All the exercises will still be hard though, sorry!.

If you are only able to practice recordings that is absolutely fine, if you are unable to practice all of the classes that is fine, if you find you only do one or two classes over the 14 days that is also fine.  The purpose of these practice boosts I offer every few months is to keep you motivated and keep you practising at whatever level works for you.  Although the live classes are 30 mins there are 15, 20 minute classes you could do instead from the on demand library as well as longer classes.

To participate you simply need to be a member of Share Pilates If you are a new subscriber membership is FREE for 14 days.  If you're happy to continue it is then £13 per month.

Any questions just let me know.