Can Men Do Pilates?

Cynthia Young

Can Men Do Pilates??

Absolutely, and even more should be!

Pilates is so named after its creator, Joseph Pilates.  A man, a cigar smoking, beer drinking, man’s man with an extraordinary interest in exercise, the human body and the mind.  He developed his system of exercise on his own body and taught men and women. 

For a while Pilates seemed to have a reputation in the UK for being gentle stretching and really for women.  While women do still dominate Pilates classes more men are discovering the benefits of Pilates.  I personally find that men seem to progress faster then women when they start Pilates.  Which probably makes sense as it was built on a man’s body. 

I have found Men get stronger faster, make great gains in terms of flexibility and just seem to get Pilates in their bodies faster.


Who doesn’t want that?