21 Days of Pilates January 2023 – Let’s Make Movement A Habit

Cynthia Young

Why 21 days of Pilates?

Since the pandemic I have met, many mainly women, who have said to me "they have lost the spring in their step", "they've put on a tonne of weight", "their body has changed", "they just don't know where to start", "they need a change", "they don't recognise their body".   It turned out these women are not an exception but were in fact feeling the same as almost 50% of other women who hadn't made it back to exercise post pandemic lockdowns (1).

Knowing how exercise benefits not just your body but your ming too this distressed me.   I looked at some of the difficulties, reasons why regular movement/exercise is important, some ways to increase your weekly movement and perhaps even start a new movement habit in my last blog post https://sharepilates.com/making-movement-a-habit/

So 21 days of Pilates is a way of me trying to help you increase your weekly movement or help you find a way to hopefully create a new movement habit altogether that you'll continue beyond the 21 days.

You might be surprised..........


But the NHS suggests;


How will 21 days of Pilates help you?

Pilates counts towards your full body strengthening sessions and moderate intensity activity.

This is a chance to reignite or reset your goals or thoughts on weekly exercise.


Don't be harsh on yourself with plans for multiple long workouts.  10 mins regularly practised consistently will lead to longer workouts.  You really don't have to think every workout will be an hour.

Sometimes working out might look like a walk with a friend to catch up, trying paddle boarding or something one afternoon, a leisurely bike ride, playing cricket/football/rounders with the kids, moving furniture.  This is why I prefer to call it movement.

The idea of a workout or exercise can make you feel you have to get especially dressed up in certain clothes, spending a set amount of time and have to feel the burn for it to be valid.  Not true.  The aim of the game is to get your body moving.

The 21 Days of Pilates is a framework around which you can build your own routine.

I know some of you love the commitment of live classes, while some of you love the flexibility of the recordings so we will do a combination of the two.  If the live classes are too long for your schedule or the times don't work for you no problem.  Stop the class when you have to or do something else instead. You can stick with me every day or use the lives/recordings a few times over the week.  Whatever works for you and is hopefully an increase on what you currently do.

What I am going to ask you to do though is to have a think.

Is there a day/time once or twice a week you could say I am going to do 10, 15, 3o mins of Pilates? Perhaps its a soon as you wake up or before your shower one or two days a week, perhaps its as soon as you get home from school/nursery drop off/work, perhaps its Saturday/Sunday evening before dinner or a programme you watch every week or while your child/partner is doing an activity.

Think about the regular things that happen in your week and then in your days.  Where could you slot in some more movement?

Once you have thought about it please write it down.  Put it in your phone as a reminder or in your diary.  Schedule the time for you just as you would schedule a work meeting, hair appointment or birthday party and lets see if we can make it work for the next three weeks and even beyond.....

Now it may be that you discover in the first week that you didn't pick such a great time.  Change it, pick another time and move your practise to then.  There is nothing wrong with changing your mind and trying something different.

What would be a waste of your time and energy is continuing to try and make something work that doesn't.  You'll just end up frustrated and annoyed.

How will the 21 days of Pilates work?

The 21 days will run from Monday 16 January to Sunday 5 February.



Monday 7pm - (16th) Hand weights, (23rd) Magic Circle, (30th) Foam Roller/Spine Corrector/Small Ball

Tuesday 7am - stretch class

Saturday 8am - Full Mat class

The last live class will be Saturday 4 February.  A recording of the live classes will be emailed and shared to the private Facebook group.

While I am giving you a prompt for every day of the 21 days and it would be awesome if you managed to do something everyday.  It is up to you what movement habit you want to create during the 21 days and continue afterwards.

It may be that you do the 21 days knowing you will commit to 3/4 a week afterwards, it may be you use this 21 day challenge as a time to try and create the habit of practising pilates 2x a week.

If you do manage to do something everyday for the 21 days, and capture it with photos or comments on social media you can send me, you will get a half price private session on zoom or in person at the studio.  Zoom privates £40 and in studio £65.

Whatever happens you will have rethought your movement habits and you will feel better for getting more movement into your week.

How do I join the 21 days of Pilates?

You simply need to be a member of www.sharepilates.com FREE for 14 days to new members and then just £13 per month (less than a Pilates class).   Zoom links and updates will be posted by email and to the private Facebook group.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or email inf0@sharepilates.com

Good luck and enjoy

Cynthia x

(1) https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/article/pandemic-hits-womens-fitness-hardest-with-over-a-third-reporting-worse-physical-health-over-the-past-year