21 Day Pilates Mat Challenge

Cynthia Young

Get into a Pilates routine at home!

It really could not be any simpler now to start an at home exercise routine or to maintain it.   Live online and on demand classes that became a necessity over the past year have proven this to us, and while of course we all want to get back to the studio or the gym the reality is most of us do not have the space at home, work or in our suitcase when we go on holiday to take much if any equipment with us.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Mat Pilates gives you a complete full body workout; and because it works every joint in all ranges of movement it helps to correct and restore your body easing out the imbalances created by life, injury, habits etc.

Pilates also works out your mind giving you a space to be present and connected to your body.  Allowing you to focus on your breath, how and what is moving and what is not supposed to be moving.

Pilates is suitable for anyone at any life stage.  It can meet you at your physical capabilities today and stretch them, making you stronger, more flexible and more body aware.

It is not just good for abs, you will notice more toned arms, legs, bum, back it really will change your whole body and mind.

If you're sold and ready to make Pilates part of your routine join me for the next 21 day live online Pilates challenge!

How does the 21 day challenge work?

Most theories seem to suggest that it takes 21 days to form a habit (Dr Maxwell Maltz  "Psycho Cybernetics, 1960 and a study in 2019 at UCL).  I am not saying that the goal is to practice Pilates everyday but the goal is to make Pilates a regular part of your routine, a few times a week.  And it is my hope by setting this challenge, at the end of it, you will see how easy it has been to practice regularly and will keep up some routine using the on demand classes available on https://sharepilates.com/

  1. I will offer live 30 minute classes 5 days a week for three weeks.  Class will be recorded and added to the closed Facebook group and Share Pilates website for anyone who couldn't make the class.
  2. On the weekends it will be up to you to practice on your own.  Send me photographic proof of your practice, or post something on social media tagging me to let me know you have practiced and anyone who completes all 21 days will receive a half price private session at my Twickenham studio https://www.sharepilatesstudio.co.uk/ or online via Zoom.

That's it!!


Here is the schedule.....

The challenge starts Monday 26 April. and the live 30 min class timetable is as follows:

Monday 7am (BST) No props

Tuesday 12.30pm (BST) Magic Circle (if you do not have please bring a couple of cushions)

Wednesday 12pm (BST) Hand Weights (or an alternative cans or bottles evenly weighted)

Thursday 7pm (BST)  Small ball, foam roller or a couple of cushions

Friday 7.30am (BST)  No props

Last day of the challenge is Sunday 16 May.

How do I sign up?

You simply need to be a member of https://sharepilates.com/ by Saturday 24 April!  On Sunday 25 April Zoom meeting links will be sent out to all members.  New members get a 14 day free trial!


If you have any questions please just get in touch info@sharepilates.com or feel free to contact me on social media.  Instagram @cynthiayoungpilates Facebook @sharepilates