10 Minute Standing Pilates Class Suitable For All

Cynthia Young

Standing exercises are great to connect you to your feet, improve your balance and to make you aware of just how you stand.  Do you stand into one leg more than the other?  Do you like to lock one or both knees?  Is one hip/foot always forward of the other?  Are you longer down one side of your waist?  Are you looking forwards or do you naturally incline your head to the side, upwards or downwards? Are you all of the above?

I also have some clients for whom getting down to the floor to workout is difficult or cannot bear any weight on their knees or wrists.

So for my lovely clients who are looking for a short session to get their body moving without weight bearing or getting on the floor, this is for you.  This is also a great session for pregnant ladies and postnatal.  Remember to listen to your body and work sensibly.

With the squats, if you feel any knee pain, reduce the range of your squat to within an area that is pain free.  If there isn't a pain free area then leave the squats out.

Added bonus - A 10 minute class suitable for beginners, anyone wanting a less strenuous workout or for established postnatal ladies, post 5 months if you had a C-section and without any abdominal separation.