The biggest obstacle to practising Pilates at home!

Cynthia Young

The biggest obstacle I hear to practising Pilates at home is time.   What if I told if you if  just did 10 minutes a few times a week that would be better that nothing.  You need to move your body, in all planes of movement, regularly, to keep it moving freely, easily and to build strength.

I completely understand the mind freeze many of you feel when you set aside some time, let alone a mat, look at it and think, OK so what next?

There are the exercises you hate to think about, those that don't feel good, those that your comfortable with, I'll do some of those , Oh look at that I haven't time for anything else before.....

So of course, those exercises we hate are the ones we should definitely be including in our home workouts!

To help with this home Pilates practice freeze I am offering weekly short Pilates home workouts.  They will be available in full for 24 hours on the blog, after that they will only be available to members of

I am afraid you're too late to view the full class but here is a taster.  Sign up for your 14 day free trial and explore the full library of classes.

The Mat Class


The Pregnancy Class


The Postnatal Class